Selected Awards

  • Susan J. Rosowski Award for Creative Teaching and Mentoring, Western Literature Association (2012). This award is given every other year to honor a lifetime’s work of mentoring students and supporting the careers of scholars in the field.
  • Wylder Award for Lifetime Contributions to Western American Literature, 2004
  • Paladin Prize for the best essay published in The Magazine of Western History in 2006 for “Monopolizing The Virginian-or-Railroading Wister.” Montana: The Magazine of Western History.
  • Outstanding Research in the Humanities at Utah State University, 1998
  • Class of 1938 Professorship, awarded for excellence in teaching, 1995
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, 1988
  • UNH Women's Commission Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Educational Equity and the Status of Women, 1987.
  • "Willa Pilla" award for the funniest paper presented at the Western Literature Association Convention, for "Something Offensive for Everyone," 1987.
  • Don D. Walker award for Best Essay on Western American Literature, for "Every Husband's Right: Sex Roles in Mari Sandoz's Old Jules," 1984.